Following 12 months of real world user reviews on the many many eateries and restaurants in the Paphos region of Cyprus, we have compiled THE conclusive 'hot list' to visit during 2014.  All the the Paphos restaurants and Paphos eateries here are selected purely from user ratings submitted to Paphos-Eating website during the calender year 2013.*

During the process of submitting reviews our contributors are asked to consider in which 'context' they are writing their comments, with different levels of overall quality and finesse expected depending on whether you are grabbing a pitta to take-away or settling down for an evening of contemporary a la cart delights :

Category : Best For ....
Best Restaurant For Fine Dining in Paphos 2013 Fresh, Coral Bay
Best Restaurant For Good Food in Paphos 2013 Hunan, Tombs Of The Kings
Best Restaurant For Budget in Paphos 2013 Buffet, Paphos

To bring all the comment within reviews into a comparable state, the contributors rate their experience in the restaurant based on four key criteria :

Categories : Key Qualities
Best Paphos Restaurant For Food 2013 Olivio, Anarita
Best Paphos Restaurant For Service 2013 Fresh, Coral Bay
Best Paphos Atmosphere 2013 Sunset Breeze, Kissonerga
Best Paphos Restaurant For Value 2013 Hunan, Tombs Of The Kings

The food genre categories reflect the popularity of the cuisine types by way of site searches during 2012 and no surprises that the most popular category for site visitors is that native to our host, Cyprus :

The final group of awards based on food genre served originate from outside far and wide :

Don't agree with the above ? Then make it right for the 2014 awards by submitting your own comments for the eateries you try during 2014 ! Remember these awards are 100% calculated from submitted user responses - so if you don't submit anything your opinion isn't included ...


* each eatery required minimum two reviews submitted on them during 2012 to make the shortlist and only users that contributed at least two reviews during 2013 were included.