Loved the menu, loved the food (Aqui, Chlorakas)

When I last visited a year or two back, I loved this place. The menu was inventive, and the chef delivered a really interesting plate of food. It was only due to a run of personal circumstances that I didn't make it back, however, with new owners in place, I was invited to join them for a pre-launch degustation, basically I and the fellow guests sit back, whilst the chef and his team work at 200% for a couple of hours pumping out samples of practically the whole menu ... an invitation I wouldn't refuse!

Key Information

  • Fusion Gourmet Menu
  • Local ingredients
  • Eastern flavour influences

  • World & local beers & ciders
  • Spirits, Soft & Hot Drinks
  • World wine selection
  • Local wines from Tsangarides & Kolios

  • Relaxed rooftop atmosphere
  • Casual 'beach hut' furnishings
  • Open for lunch & dinner


The venue itself is set back from the road, up a flight of steps to the roof of the block, whilst it's a (long) stones throw from the sea, it has a west face, where you are practically guaranteeed a cracking view of the setting sun. It's clean, tidy and well looked after, with interesting hand-crafted wall murals and paintings, as well as some more unusual crafted decorations. Subtly lit throughout, the decor and furnishings gave me a feeling of a casual laidback 'beach hut' that does just enough to throw a tidy shirt on for the evening, but don't worry, if arriving in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops you won't feel out of place.

New owners Jon and Carol, taking care of the front of house and general running, have employed the services of Tony Harvey, known to many in the Cyprus SBA's and the British Forces placements further afield, as well as heavily influencing the menu of venue to which the Nicosia in-crowd turn for a great bite and night out - Apertivo Jetset. From the short time I spent chatting with Tony, he is very passionate about his cooking, which with his interest in balancing flavours, and ensuring that the right ingredients are used in the right way. So, with passion in the kitchen, comfortable ambience and friendly professionals out the front, I am confident to say that they are going to do everything they can to look after you, of course, the key thing is the food ...

Over fifteen samplers were delivered during the three hours I was at the venue, and whilst you can check out the photo gallery below to take them all in, the general theme I picked up is that the flavour combinations and presentation have been given thought, and thus, the dishes are interesting. From my experiences locally, I beleive this kitchen is making an effort to create combinations, combinations that you will only find at Aqui.

I like the easy life, but picking the 'best' to mention here caused me to come into a stress, my body reacted with blotches, it was scary stuff, but, I`ll soldier through it! :) Starter : the beautiful thing that labelled as "Goats Cheese Tart" where the bitter & salty cheese contrasts the vibrant peppered strawberries and the tangy onion. Main : "Chicken & Mozzarella" which was all about the fruity cous-cous with a little kick, of course the perfectly breast cut, with a moderate portion of cheese wrapped in the salty Italian bacon was the balance we'd come to expect by now. Dessert : Not on the menu, you`ll be looking down the specials board to see what is available (fresh, house made) for that day, but, there wasn't any holding back flavour wise ... was the thick & heavy baked cheesecake with a ginger infused sauce going to be the one ? Or the sour rhubard crumble with a hint of mint and a sweet citrus cream going to take the crown? Well, two portions of each (small samples ... honest) later and I was none the wiser, so, they both get a mention.

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I experienced more than enough from this sampling evening to be keen to visit this venue, relax with some of the local wine and enjoy a great meal. If you do, I`d love to read your experiences, please leave a review on the Aqui page in the directory. Ok, so thats all for now, scroll down, and take a look at the photos :

For contact details, directions and additional information visit the Aqui Restaurant listing

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