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great expectations

Having enjoyed a late morning mid-cycle refresher here during the early summer, we knew that the venue was well themed with sturdy wood furnishings and cosy pub atmosphere. Having found ourselves cycling past again, this time on the wrong side of lunch time, we decanted from the saddle. At the height of the Sunday lunch sitting there was a short wait at the entrance to be seated, and we were led to a table in the rather fresh dark main room, suggesting we'd prefer a seat nearer the window was left unanswered. Enquired into the soup of the day and received a flat response 'vegetable' as waiter walked off ... we had started to wonder what this chap was doing working here begrudingly serving us!?

Thankfully an alternative waiter came to take out order, and was happy to relocate us to a small window in the corner by the window with a great view over the salt lake. A few complimentary bread rolls, served shortly after a Carlsberg pint (€3) and large orange juice (€2.20) arrived, were swiftly broken into and it seemed we had indeed worked up an appetite. Fraughtly waiting when one is hungry is rather uncomfortable, perhaps we should have opted for the ready and waiting Sunday carvery buffet, but we at least knew our House Specialties of 'Ryans Chicken' (€13) and 'Stuffed Chicken' (€15) were being freshly prepared. There have been better looking plates than these, but the flavours and cooking were both excellent : succulent breast meat, rich (if a touch salty) sauces and perfectly cooked side vegetables. We certainly gave the substantial portions a decent going over.

Quite underwhelmed by the first host-waiter, but thankfully the manager who came on duty whilst we were eating was a much chirpier chap and a witty comment or two later switched off the cold air flow which had us almost shivering once the room had emptied. Service moans aside, food was great, the venue is a good one and the value for money is pretty good. Looking forward to trying a USDA prime beef next time around.

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