Verified Verified listings have been claimed by the business owner, and venue details confirmed, venue owners will receive notice of reviews, enquiries through the website and a monthly usage report.

5 reasons to claim-verify your listing

Claiming your venue listing is FREE, simple, and gives you important additional features :

Verified Update Venue Details

A claimed listing can be updated with latest venue photo and listing information;

Verified Confirm Map Location

A claimed listing can be pinpointed on the map to ensure that it is shown accurately to site visitors ;

Verified Link to your Website/Facebook

A claimed listing includes a link to your preferred web presence ;

Verified Enquiry Form

A claimed listing includes an enquiry form so visitors can message you

Verified Monthly Usage Email

For each claimed listing, a personalized email is sent each month, showing you activity on your listing ;


It is very easy to claim your Listing, just follow 3 simple steps {click here}. Claiming your venue listing is FREE today, and will remain FREE forever.