Sometimes during the revew submission process a random flag is thrown up to highlight the review for moderation. The review is automatically suspended by the system. If you cannot see your revew but when trying to re-submit you are told you cannot re-review so soon, we have your comments but it will need us to manually approve.

Occasionally people submit "reviews" on this site about eating out that state they didn't even go to the eatery in question,so in cases like this the review will be suspended.

On even rarer occasions where a suggestion of "foul play" or "playing the site" is even slightly expected we may feel that your comments warrant investigation, your review may be suspended and as such will be hidden from general view.

Sometimes multiple users submitting reviews from the same computer and/or IP Address will also  be automatically suspended as the system would suspect the same person writing as multiple users.

 In cases where we have manually suspended a review after a successfull submission you will be personally contacted via your registration email address giving explanation.No response within 14 days will mean your review is deleted permanently.