I remember my first few visits to Paphos driving along the coast road, or walking the Paphos harbour road and just being overwhelmed by the sheet amount of choices available, and had no idea whether to try this one or that one. Then after making a permanent move into the area during 2006 i regularly tried the internet to find telephone number for reservation or even takeaway orders but couldn't find anything so i had decided to build a local restaurant directory using the open source CMS Joomla.

So whilst discussing the directory idea with friends and family it became obvious that everyone has an opinion on what is a good restaurant.  The good, the bad and the ugly exists in Paphos and ii realised that there was a lot of very mixed opinion out there on what is and isn't good, so i selfishly thought to myself that getting everyone elses opinion could ensure my wife and I enjoying ourselves on our rare nights out (!!) , instead of grumbling on the way home about the rude staff, the undercooked meat or the £££-bill etc etc


Having already started on the directory i stumbled across the excellent reviews component for Joomla - jReviews - and went about getting that setup.


Within a month i started to let people know and slowly slowly the reviews came in and the directory expanded and in January 2012 I extended the scope of the directory to cover all of the island of Cyprus, and in November 2013 I started with the media rich editorial articles.