I think the main thing for me when reading reviews is to understand what happened to make the reviewer feel a certain way, so :


  • if the comment is just "this restaurant is excellent" then i would like to know what was excellent. Food ? Service ? Value ?
  • If "The food is out of this world" or "was really bad" then what food did you eat and what was going on with it ?
  • If "the service was awful" or "they were so good with us" then what happened to make you feel this way ?
  • If you say "fantastic value for money" or "a rip off" then tell us why !


Basically a lot of the site readers are coming to see real world reviews by real people but they want to read about your experience, not only that "its the best place in Paphos" which doesn't actually excite or inspire anyone to visit, but (!!) there are certain things that if written we may decide to edit your submission without contacting you, such as :

  • personally insulting the owner, staff or other guests ;
  • commenting directly on other reviews for the eatery ;
  • referencing other eateries in the directory ;
  • directions will be removed and added to the main listing ;
  • listing information about the facilities/features of the restaurant ;
  • anything deemed to be outside the area of your experience.

Please remember editiors decision is final.