Hello, thank you for visiting my website. My name is Geoff Dutch, I created, develop, edit and publish this website cyprus-eating.com. If you've read anything at all about eating out in Cyprus you should know that its taken seriously! There is a multitude of tastes and styles available to you - maximum choice.


With all this choice there are sometimes some absolute pearls, and some absolute clangers, and over the last 12+ years I have had a fair share of both. Whilst I wouldn't call myself a "big-eater", I do enjoy an evening out but I`m very keen to ensure when we go out that we are going to enjoy it !


I remember my first few visits to Paphos driving along the coast road, or walking the Paphos harbour road and just being overwhelmed by the choices available, and had no idea which one to choose.  Then after making a permanent move the area I wanted to get a number of the local Pizza place to see if they would deliver but there was no online directory, as such, 'catering' for the hundreds of eateries in the region - so i got to work !


So whilst discussing with friends and family the good, the bad and the ugly I realised that there was a lot of very mixed opinion out there on what is and isn't good, so i selfishly thought to myself that getting everyone elses opinion could ensure my wife and I enjoying ourselves on our rare nights out (!!) , instead of grumbling on the way home about the rude staff, the undercooked meat or the £££-bill etc etc


So please help me to build a good idea of where is hot, and not so hot on the island of Cyprus.  Don't be shy its YOUR opinion I`m interested in, although check the FAQs on what i`m looking for.


The more reviews and ratings the site contains, the more useful it becomes to all of us that live or holiday in Cyprus, so get your friends and family to contribute - the more the merrier.  The website started with the Paphos region only, however since 2012 I am expanding the website to cover all of Cyprus. If there is a restaurant missing please email me as much details as you can and then i`ll add it in. 


In November 2013, I started to expand the scope of the website to include additional editorial elements such as interviews with local faces and coverage of food related events or new additions to the local scene, all of which I hope you will find useful and interesting.